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Individualized Treatment Plans

bucket-plansOur patients received individualized wound care treatment plans — which are designed to correct the underlying cause, control infections and improve their overall health.

When patients arrive at an Arizona Wound Center for their initial appointment, they undergo a comprehensive examination, complete with a review of their symptoms and medical history, and a physical exam. Depending upon the wound, additional tests may be needed, such as:

  • Wound cultures, to determine if infections are present.
  • X-rays, to determine if bone infections are present.
  • CT scan or MRI, to determine if abscesses are present.
  • Ultrasounds, to assess blood flow.
  • Blood glucose and glycol-hemoglobin tests.
  • Complete blood count, to determine if there is evidence of infection.

Our team will then provide patients with an individualized wound management or treatment plan, specifically designed for their healing needs. Each treatment plan may include:

  • Conventional strategies, including infection control, wound dressing, weight off-loading, wound moisture balancing, blood sugar control and the removal of dead tissue (debridement).
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, using pure oxygen to fight infection, revitalize tissues and stimulate the growth of blood vessels.
  • Transcutaneous oxygen monitoring, which measures the tissue oxygen tension and shows blood flow or blockage to determine how much oxygen is getting to a wound.
  • Antibiotic therapy, which incorporates powerful medicines to fight bacterial infections.
  • Surgical intervention, such as skin grafting, bypass surgery and amputation.

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